Photos of Bristol

Bristol Photos… from day 3 of a Rock N Roll weekend….

This weekend, The Chicago Blues Brothers, for whom I play keyboards, gigged in Crawley, Wimbledon and finally hit the biggest theatre of the weekend in Bristol. The Hippodrome.

We arrived pretty early, got set up and had an hour to kill before sound check, so decided to head out for look at the city.

There was a festival going on – a Regatta which attracted tens of thousands of people to the area, not great for the architecture shoot I had in mind! I’d set off with just:-

  • Canon 5D
  • 16-35 F4 L
  • 1 Stop ND Grad filter

So all set up for buildings, but all I found were people!

Bristol Cathedral to the Rescue!

About 10 minutes into the walk, I spotted my favourite subject – a cathedral. I’m not religious, but love the buildings religious people build – from all faiths, I’ve got amazing Mosque, Gurdwara and Hindu temple photos from India too.

It’s not a big cathedral – but was peaceful, had lovely vaulted Gothic ceilings and was cool, 26 degrees outside!

A few gig photos….

Here are the photos from the walk, and a couple to show you the show inside the Hippodrome, and the crowd going for it. The crowd shots were taken at ISO 12800, so a little noisy:-


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