Pleasant Surprise – The Audi R8

I’d finished creating my latest wedding book the other day so decided to get some fresh air by going for a shoot on the moors between Manchester and Huddersfield. It’s really gritty up there, not beautiful like the Dales, but more imposing, like a Gothic horror novel or some 80’s werewolf movie.

Wandering down to Scammonden Dam, the biggest earth embankment dam there is apparently (check Wiki for that, may have changed – who knows) and found a lovely black Audi R8 parked up.

Not one to miss an opportunity, I grabbed the camera and shot off as many HDR’s as I could do given the constraints.

First up, it was really harsh, bright sun shine – so the scene has massive contrast and shadows. Ideally I prefer something a little more subtle, evening light is best, you get a bit of colour in the sky and less shadow – or better, really long shadows. Think of the early Dracula films, they had those long shadows – they evoke something a little sinister!

Second, it was in a car park with other cars around… the last thing you want are other cars in the background, they just distract you. So I had limited options on the shooting angle – luckily one side of the car was clear, all the useable shots are from the driver’s side really.


No idea who’s car it was, so if anyone recognises the reg plate above, maybe they could let the owner know and ask if they’d like a print 😉

I’ll be using one of the mono images on a new McFade Automobile Art flyer soon – get that in to the Audi dealerships of west yorks


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