St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

Landscapes in Bright Sunshine

You can’t shoot landscapes in the afternoon, you have to wait for sunset  –  right?

Well it’s certainly easier to get great shots when the favourable low, warm sunset light is making the sky glow orange, but you can still create something usable when the sun is out.

These images were all taken at about 2PM, using the following kit:-

  • Canon 5D 3
  • Canon 17-40 F4L
  • Hiada 10 stop filter
  • Cokin Z-Pro 2 stop ND Grad filter
  • Tripod and ball head

Pretty standard stuff.

How to Do It

The first thing to remember with 10 stop filters is… you can’t see through the view finder when it’s on!

Makes focussing and composition the usual way, tricky to say the least!

So certainly with the 5D 2 and 5D 3 you can switch to Live View mode and use the screen. This may vary with other manufacturers and models – but so long as there is some light around, and contrasting edges to focus on, LIVE VIEW works just fine.

For exposure, just use the live histogram or the light meter as normal.

Here are some of the shots

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