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August 31, 2017 / / Blog

Yellow fields of Discovery Discovering just what Tilt Shift can do is great fun – and you have to be hands on. Sure, I’d seen 10 Youtube videos so had a good idea what I needed to do – but here are a few examples from my first landscape trip in summer 2017. Tilt Shift Increasing that depth of Field For landscapes, this is the main reason you’d use them. You want to get as much sharp as possible – that foreground flower to the distant mountain. To do this…

August 31, 2017 / / Blog

Granary Wharf and Wellington Street in Leeds Just a quick post with some shots from the train station/canal area of Leeds. Again these were all taken in the early days of testing the Tilt Shift lens we invested in for the architecture photography business. There is so much you can do with these lenses, it’s a game changer. The main thing with this set is that it’s the first time we’ve shot these things perfectly vertically. Usually, it can’t be done easily with a normal lens. So there they are….…

July 5, 2017 / / Architecture

What is Tilt Shift? If you don’t know what a Tilt Shift lens is, this chap explains it well. So take a look at this first if you’re interested. South Leeds Architecture There are some interesting new buildings in the south of Leeds these days – this first one is the Leeds College of buildings, created by Fuse Architects. For this shot I went to the middle of the road island ans use the 17mm tillt shift lens. I took 3 photos – one with the lens shifted up, one in the…

July 21, 2015 / / Tips

Photo by David Clapp 1. Lens Choice Use a wider angle lens 16-20mm (about 24-30mm in 35mm terms) 2. Focus On Parts Of The Circle Try isolating two or three of the stones and shoot from a low angle. 3. Get Up High Find a vantage point at a […] Click here to view original web page at www.ephotozine.com

March 12, 2015 / / Tips

Here are some tips from EPHOTOZINE on how to take better Macro photos… 1. Make Sure Your Subject Is Perfect 2. Get Up Early 3. Try Backlighting 4. Switch To Manual Focus 5. Try Pre-Focusing 6. Pack A Polarising Filter 7. Avoid Shake 8. Windy Days Are Your Enemy 9. Get In Close Then Add Some Space 10. Light Your Shot Well […] Click here to view original web page at www.ephotozine.com

January 23, 2015 / / Tips

Video of 5 Tips for Perfect Journalistic Wedding Photos Through the years shooting weddings, I have found that my favorite photos always tend to be those charming candid moments that last ever so briefly. In this video and article I wanted to talk about my technique in how I set up […] Click here to view original web page at fstoppers.com

January 22, 2015 / / Photography

I learned about flash by using statues as models… they’re more patient than real people, don’t get cold and available 24/7! Just spotted this article about it here so thought I’d share Click here to view original web page at www.ephotozine.com Gear Suggestions: Unless you’re a particular fan of the carvings that decorate the tops of churches you’ll only need a standard zoom lens which means this is a project you can do with your DSLR or compact camera. If you want a little bit more stability take a tripod…

January 11, 2015 / / Landscapes

Landscape Video… If you’re into landscapes, here are some cool tips in a short video – well medium, it’s 8 minutes long.   Photographer Antony Spencer teamed up with Phase One last year to share inspirational tips on how to shoot better landscape images. But these aren’t necessarily any ordinary tips that you’ve heard before. While he mentions some of the essentials, he also lists some less noticeable and unheard tips. For example, he stresses that you remove the strap to prevent any sort of camera shake. This makes a…

January 9, 2015 / / Tips

Enjoyed this article on EPHOTOZINE so thought I’d some of my Long Shutter Speed shots to illustrate it’s key points! For full details, click on this next link… Click here to view original web page at www.ephotozine.com   Blurry Water Spooky, Atmospheric Shots Northern Lights I’ve not got any of these 😉 Give A City Shot More Interest Capture Movement   Paint A Scene With Light

April 19, 2011 / / Blog

Such a HUGE National Park, where do you begin? Yorkshire is a huge county and is full of amazing photography locations. It has 300 feet tall coastal cliffs and craggy inland limestone edges, long stone walls and burbling waterfalls. It really is a dream for photographers of all kinds, but where do you start our Yorkshire landscape photography journey?  To help find the best places, and show you our favourite viewpoints, we regularly run Yorkshire landscape photography workshops in the Dales and the Yorkshire Coast, for more details of our…