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November 28, 2018 / / Architecture

Give me grey and day There’s nothing more boring than a blue sky to us photographers!  So when we got this dramatic sky all day on my last trip to the northeast, it really was a gift.  Pinnacle Bridge, Sunderland First off we went south to see the new bridge in Sunderland. It’s the tallest thing in town and really is pretty huge – you can easily see it from the A19 as you pass the city.  These are all taken with the 5DIV and the 24mTS-e mark 2 with a…

May 5, 2015 / / Architecture

Back to Newcastle…. Before moving to Leeds, I lived in Newcastle – great city, bit nippy though! I was shooting some hotels for a client who needed some evening and day shots of their property, so had a while to kill before it went dark. Here’s what I got up to – a walk along the quayside, then around the city centre. See how many of these places you can name