New Season – New Food Photography

With summer arriving, the menus at Radisson in Leeds change – so they needed new Food Photography to promote it. I was invited down to work with the new chef and Tom, the mixologist, to create a whole set.

The Food

The Fire Lake vibe is on the rustic edge, so we use some old wood and an old table for the Food Photography presentation. It gives that darker look too – so the bright, summer colours stand out.

The light setup is pretty intense – 4 flashes all around the table, makes for interesting viewing for the hotel guests as they walk past! It’s quite a performance!

I loved this blue/green plate – really made the fish dish appear delicious.

This tomato and cheese dish showcases several different tomatoes – using that black plate really makes them sing from the photo

Another angle on the first dish – to make the asparagus really stand out I got down to table level.

A delicious pork dish

On to a cocktail – we carried on using the wood background for a few. Love these little glasses of ice – you pick up the “cone” to sip the rum, the ice keeps it cold for you.

The brownies were amazing by the way

The colours were so intense on this desert.

It’s not a cigar, but a piece of cinnamon stick smouldering after Tom had set it alight. The top light catches it perfectly to make the plume stand out.

I always make these ultra close-up shots if the drink has decoration – like the lemon skin here.

For this we removed the back panel of wood – the background is now the open hotel bar. You can see that the ambient light doesn’t affect the photos – it’s all created with flash.

Tom uses patterned ice cubes – that’s attention to detail!

They really do present this cocktail on that piece of wood, with the glass closh on top of it! And it’s full of smoke too…. The lights in the background are above the bar

Ultra close up detail of a rum cocktail – I loved the detail on the orange slice.

Can we help with your Food Photography ?

Hopefully yes!

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