The EASY Way to Do Business Headshots

Business headshots have changed

Evolution of Business Headshots…

  • Stern captains of industry in their victorian offices – green lamps, brass, oak…
  • Conservative backdrops – usually brown or blue
  • White wall business headshots – clean and fit on Linked IN nicely, a bit boring
business headshots
Action portrait – people doing their job to show expertise

At McFade we’ve been doing “location” portraits too – business headshots usually taken around the workplace, or for solopreneurs, in cool locations nearby – like Clarence Dock, Dark Arches, Roof tops.

We love doing location business headshots, the results always get you noticed and for smaller teams, it still works brilliantly.

business headshots
Location Portrait

But getting a team of 10 or more, outdoor shoots can cause a lot of upheaval. How do you get that mix of “relaxed unposed” style without causing havoc and lost work time?

Here’s the secret…

business headshots
Workplace headshots – people are more relaxed, it’s quicker and far less stressful!

Photograph your team at their desks

business headshots

Take away the stress of a traditional shoot

People don’t always appreciate being called away from their work to a room If they’re really busy. Also, it makes them self-conscious and can take a long time to get people comfortable.

So why not bring the studio to their desks instead?

They don’t have to move – you just set up 2 lights around them (which takes 3 minutes) then just talk for a few minutes and get some shots of them working and looking to the camera.

It also creates a buzz in the office – whilst you’re being photographed, the team can talk to you – which usually ends up with people laughing – and we get a natural look.

We also use specialist lenses which create blurry backgrounds – in the shot above, we left room to the left of the photo so you can add copy text or a headline.

We can also capture people in action – here, this lady was taking a phone call – a real client phone call.

Technical team members look properly techy surrounded with monitors, deep in thought

A few more images from recent shoots.



Advantages of Desk Photoshoots

So to conclude, having done lots of these shoots recently, we found:-

  • A lot quicker than a traditional shoot
  • Less upheaval for your team – they just stay where they are, we do the work
  • Show people in their environment – expertise, kit, skill etc.
  • Wide variety of background – far more interesting than a white wall
  • Creates a “buzz” giving a more relaxed, approachable look to the images


Want to update your online look with minimal fuss?

We are expert people photographers – just give us a call on 0776655 83 75 or drop us a line at and we’ll do the rest!


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