The York Walls and Street Photography Experience

Street Photography Experience

It’s great to take people with strong landscape photography skills around the city and challenge of them and to capture people and architecture as it happens. That’s Street photography for you. Some of the most memorable photos you will have seen are street photography.

Often you sit around waiting for things to happen, or you can wander around like a tourist to find things that are already happening. 

One of my favourite techniques is to find something like a doorway, bridge, alley or stairs that is interesting, but would be improved by somebody walking through it. 

For example, this stairway is pretty cool with its huge blocks of stone all nicely carved and the diagonal line is really Powerful, but the little bloke in green tells you how big the stairs are and gives it context.

To shoot this, one would have the correct settings ready in camera, and would wait for somebody to appear. It really is good fun because you never know who is gonna turn up next.

On this tour around the City we went Off the Beaten Track to find some hidden gems away from the crowds and tourists, but also found Street performers and did the inevitable shots of The Shambles and Minster. 

We also did a full lap of the walls which gives us a unique view of the Minster especially when you are on the wall near to the Monk Gate entrance. 

Here are a few photos!

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