Whalley in Deep Water – Flood Photos in Full Force

Lancashire Flood – Whalley Gets Its Full Force

You can’t have missed the flood news over Xmas… first Cumbria, then Lancashire and now it’s in Yorkshire too.

So as Lancashire got a real beating by the rain on Xmas and Boxing day 2015. I decided to have a little drive out and see what happened in Whalley.

The roads in to the town were largely closed, so thought the best place would be the A59 bridge over the Calder – it was pretty epic. Its usually a small river weaving through the trees, but yesterday it was like a 300 yard wide lake, flooding right up to the arches.

There were lots of people looking on – I spoke to a business owner who was looking to the arches, took a long lens photo and we checked his property on the screen. It looked about a foot deep by his door so hopefully no too much damage – just a wet workshop floor.

After, I went up to Whalley Nab road – where I got the high view shots.

Whalley Photos

Here are images taken on the A59 where the calder passes under. Click and see them larger

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