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This is the future of Aerial Photography

Getting noticed online requires you to think differently, and aerial photography gives a completely different view of your business. But there are technicalities to consider when using drones in the air – planning permission, special permissions, insurance… 

We have this covered

Aerial Photography with smaller drones can be simple for almost any business that has buildings or facilities they want to showcase. That means we can help most businesses in the UK now.

Whether you simply want to view your property from the air or you want to create a 360 degree “phototour” of your construction site, we offer a cost-effective service.

Our drones are virtually silent, so you won’t worry about noise pollution, and the majority of our aerial images can be collected during short flights.

Using our “small drones” allows unprecedented access to photograph and film, with the minimum of fuss – saving time and money on planning and special permissions.

Cities, business parks, housing estates and almost anywhere is allowed now, due to changes in the law in 2021, our drone’s weight, our A2 C of C qualifications and commercial insurance.

It’s a fantastic addition to our usual photography services, we’ll always come with the drone in the car,  especially when working in the property world, where we can capture images from formerly-impossible angles.  We can now offer:-

Aerial Photographs

Panoramic Photos

360 Pano-Tours from the air

Video footage at 4K

We will create stunning 360-degree views for your business

An interactive 360° tour to showcase your properties, real estate listings, shops, hotels and sports centres from up above. They are a great way to showcase your property in a more visually interesting way than just with some flat-lay photos and text.

We can create these for you from the sky, so so you’ll get an amazing aerial view from several angles of your property.

It could be just the four corners of your house linked together or a whole series of photos around your you’re industrial site.

Aarsleff Retaining Wall in Chesterfield

Here is an example of a 4-photo tour with an establishing shot from “far away” and a few closer in shots to show the detail of the finished wall

Hyde Park – Leeds

This 360 shows off the student area of leeds, with the main Otley Road running through it. 

Croft Myl, Halifax

This historic business venue in central Halifax has a very cool garden on the roof as well as an amazing old style zig-zag mill roof. We captured all angles of the building for the owners.

Leeds University

The old Grammar School, Hyde Park and the University of Leeds – along with the leafy green Hyde Park

Ribblehead Viaduct

The iconic bridge over Blea Moor on the Settle Carlisle rail line. 

This is a great example of timing for light – we shot this image late afternoon in Winter, when the sun is low in the sky, casting long shadows. 

The bridge is dramatic – add in these long shadows and you get something amazing. 

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can provide a dynamic aerial view of your property. This perspective will showcase your business, real estate or home in an exciting, engaging way. It’s as close as you can get to flying without actually being in a plane.

Previously you’d need to hire an expensive cherry picker for a specific day, pray for good weather, do risk assessments and and probably find PPE for everyone.

With our drones, all these issues disappear.

We have an invisible tripod which extends to 400 feet tall and can go anywhere, any time, affordably and quickly. We can cover many angles and heights in a short space of time, giving you dozens of options.

Our drones have a 20 and 12 megapixel camera respectively, which is more than enough for any online-use, and prints up to A3. If we create panoramic photos, we can go even bigger.

Panoramic Photography

We provide 360, 180 and smaller panorama photos around your building or site, so you can create a stunning image of your surroundings.

These high-quality images are a great way to support the descriptions on your website and bring your property to life in the virtual world. We can work with you to arrange a visit at the right time of day for the perfect shot.

It’s a truly immersive experience

4K Video

We specialise in creating cinematic footage showing properties and locations off from all angles. Using our drones, we can fly to heights that offer a unique perspective. The footage is recorded in up to 4K and will be supplied unedited in a Dropbox link after the shoot.

We don’t edit video

Whilst we can capture footage for you and can do some basic editing if needed, we prefer to leave the edit to expert video editors.

Here are a couple of videos we’ve edited to show you the footage – I’m sure an Adobe Premier expert could make a much better job, adding in effects and techniques honed over years.

Aarsleff Retaining Wall

Aarselff is an international civil engineering and groundworks specialist, who fitted retaining walls, piles and everything “groundwork” arount the world.

We wanted to provide them with footage that showcases the process of fitting such a large and impressive wall, show their work sites in context of the surrounding area and create an immersive experience for the marketing team at our clients

Link to Youtube


Leeds City Centre

This footage is taken from some stock we shot over Leeds recently. The DJI Mini 2 does allow flight in places other drones can’t go – which is why we chose to use them.

Link to Youtube


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