How we help you

McFade Process

Creating the perfect image library for your brand

1 – Discover

Our discover phase is about getting to know each other.

It’s exploring and understanding you and your brand. We visit, meet, talk, tour and get a first hand experience of what you do. You can share your ideas and ask all your questions too, at the end we’re usually buzzing with ideas and fired up ready to create some amazing shots. 

2 – Define

This is the plan for shoot day – we’ll put this together from the Discover session so you don’t have to remember lots of stuff. 

It includes things like a shot list, who’s involved, where we’re taking the shots and rough timings. It’s a whole host of things you don’t need to worry about.

3 – Shoot

This is where your McFade experience comes to life.

We bring lights, cameras and friendly smile to help people relax and enjoy the experience. We know most people get nervous, so we spend time with you chatting, use a bit of distraction and suggestions, which totally takes your mind of the camera. Your photos look so natural once you’re relaxed. 

Once we’ve captured everything, we head back and get the previews ready ASAP for you. 

4 – Choose

Over to you to choose your favourite images from the day. We’ll have filtered out the best shots, there will still be a big selection – so take your time choosing, get everybody involved too.

We send a link to your online gallery so you can share it instantly with your team. 

5 – Style & Deliver

Getting the right image tone and feel makes all the difference.

We edit a couple of images in different styles so you can see what is possible. And a LOT is possible in post-processing!

Once you’ve chosen, we edit the rest in the same style and deliver them electronically, ready to unleash in your marketing and make a real difference.

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