Photoshoot For You and Your Business

Share the Shoot : It’s time to make a great first impression

Imagine a photo-shoot that’s fun, where you meet and network with new people, get hundreds of photos of you doing all kinds of businessy things to choose from and 5 great shots of you to use in all your marketing – for a fraction of a traditional photoshoot.

That’s what we’ve created with Share the Shoot – we’ve taken away your pain and price reasons for procrastinating, so it really is a no-brainer to get yourself booked on.

  • Share Business!

  • Share Business Cards

  • Share the Cost

  • Share the Nerves

  • Share the Fun

  • Share the Experience

  • Share the Shoot

When are the next ones?

The Dates and booking is LIve now – click on the button below

Be part of a photo shoot


Pete Colby

Here’s how it all works – Pete Colby, a mediation expert, came up from Nottingham for his share the shoot experience – here is a video of the shoot, the edit and see the final results. He uses these images almost daily on social medial as backgrounds for memes and much more.

Mike Munt

Mike is a graphic artist and designer, heading up Huddersfield based Apogii where he defines the visual identity for brands

Jane Fisher

Jane is a management consultant helping businesses identify, plan and implement change. She works with Pete Colby and they came on the same session so we captured a few shots of them together


Tony Moran

Contract Scrum Leader at Equifax

I did one of Adrian’s “Share The Shoot” session with 2 other clients last week, and was bowled over by his enthusiasm to the morning session and way that he broke the ice and made us all feel as if we had known each other for ten years (instead of 10 minutes). I was instantly relaxed and ended up doing things that I would not have thought I could in front of 3 complete strangers. On top of that he got some great shots of us all – both individually, and as a group – and I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to anybody thinking of getting some professional photography services.

Franco DeMori

Exec coach at demoriVIDA

I want to say a big thank you to Adrian for a fabulous experience at last Friday’s “Share the Shoot” photography experience. I went along to get some head and body shots for my online media, and came away with new friends and a smile on my face as he made it a lot of fun. I even got to throw myself down a metal slide like an eight-year-old kid ! Can’t recommend Adrian highly enough, so if you’re thinking of getting some professional photography done, don’t hesitate and get in touch with him.

Ashley Heeley
Ryan Mulhern

So What Is It?

The headlines…

A group photo-shoot…

  • Up to 6 People (usually anyone who works/presents in offices – business owners, directors, sales etc.)
  • 1 Great business centre with meeting room
  • 2 Hours shoot time
  • 5 Scenarios to capture
  • 5 new photos for you to use (unlimited extra photos can be purchased)

What you do now…

  1. Go to our EVENTBRITE page
  2. Choose from the available dates
  3. Pay the session fee
  4. Turn up on that date!

Shoot Location

Shoots are at Croft Myl in the heart of Halifax – a converted mill packed with personality and amazing interior design.

We have chosen our location based on it’s photographic potential, we want your images to really stand out and where we do them is important.

What do you wear?

The photos are for you – your personal brand, website, social media and PR.

We recommend that you wear what your ideal client would expect you to see. It’s how you want to be seen. A mix of formal and casual is ideal as it covers all bases, so variety is important on the day – so maybe think about:-

  • Different tops you can change into – one more formal, one relaxed
  • Different coloured scarves or ties which you can quickly swap between scenes

These are quick to do which is important in a 2-hour session. If you do want a complete change of look, we’ll be doing the office shoot first, then the individual shots after – so come dressed for meetings and you can get changed when we’ve finished in there.

Things to bring along

  • Business cards, you’re going to meet new contacts so don’t forget these
  • Anything else with your brand – pens, mugs, mouse mats…. a friendly photo could be you holding a coffee cup with your logo on.
  • Notepad, iPad or laptop if you use these in meetings
  • Phone – a shot of you on the phone can be useful for “contact” pages

On the day…

Meet in Jamocha – 9:30AM

In 2021, we’re recommending everyone meets “before” the shoot in Croft Myl’s fantastic cafe, Jamocha. Here you can get a barista-created coffee and meet others on the shoot, you’ll recognise them as they’ll probably have a case with clothes in!

Find Jamocha

Go to the rear of Croft Myl, and there are some white metal stairs – go up these and you’re at Jamocha. If you get lost, Claire at reception will point you in the right direction.

At around 9:50, Ade will invite you up to the room so we can get ready to start the shoot at 10AM

We use 3 locations:-

1 – Meeting room

  • Chatting around the table – get to know each other and exchange business cards if you like.
  • Take turns to “chair” the meeting
  • Presenting to the group – less scary than it sounds, you just need to stand next to a board, smile, point and move around a bit.

2 – Break Out Area

  • Our locations have lots of great break out areas to do 1-2-1 meetings.
  • We have grey, blue, purple, yellow and brick backgrounds for your headshots

3 – Roof Garden

  • If the weather and time allows, we head onto the roof and use the sky and Yorkshire as background for a few more headshots.

After the shoot

  • I’ll go through and choose the best shots from the session – there may be a few hundred!
  • I’ll put unedited and watermarked versions on DROPBOX for you to choose from.
  • You tell me the ones you want – you get 5 with the package, you can invest in more if you like.
  • I’ll prepare these and send them to an individual dropbox for you – both small for web and high res for print
  • Get using them!

How many photos can I have?

The package comes with 5 images included

If you want to have more images, these can be purchased too.

What “Editing” is included?

Editing for these photo-shoots  includes:-

  • Colour correction – white balance (warm/cold)
  • Contrast – punchy or faded
  • Brightness – we take time to get the bright and dark areas balanced
  • Crop – we cut the edges of the photo to get only the best bits of the photo
  • Toning – we can add colours to the image to give a pastel or punchy look
  • Vignette – dark or light edges of the photo

Here’s a video of a full edit for Paul Beardsley and some of the resultant photos.

What is “extra”?

Occasionally you will have a great shot which you would like tweaking,  for any reason – we’re happy to help with this can quote you for this.

We call this “Retouching” and involves using advanced Photoshop techniques. It includes things like skin smoothing, removing stray hair, eye brightening, teeth whitening, fixing reflections, changing backgrounds, removing things from a scene and anything else you may want changing.

Some things, like reflections on glasses, will be particularly difficult to correct, so we’d recommend choosing an alternative photo – this is one of the reasons we take so many photos, choice.

This is charged our standard rate

Shoot Duration

The shoot is planned to be 2 hours so it doesn’t disrupt your busy schedule – 10:00-12:00.

We recommend meeting at 9:30 in Jamocha to give you a bit of extra time to find parking, the right entrance, get a great coffee and relax before we get started.


We’ve used EVENTBRITE who will handle the payments – please note that this is the only payment mechanism available for these events.

Payment is made in full on booking and is non-refundable.


We understand your business commitments may mean you have to cancel, we will not normally have time/budget to re-market and fill your place, so can’t offer any refund.

However, in the first instance, if you can find a substitute to come in your place, we are happy for them to attend. You can either gift them the place, or pass the fee on to them.

If a substitute cannot be found, just like any event or travel ticket, we cannot offer any refunds or transfers to other dates as our costs remain constant whether you attend or not.

Croft Myl – Halifax

One of our great locations

Our shoots will be at the amazing Croft Myl, in the centre of Halifax. We’ve watched this space evolve from an old shell of a mill to a stunning business centre, with quirky edge – and a slide from the roof to the first floor!


On-street parking available around this area but is limited to 2 hours, so we recommend spending £2 for a more relaxing 4 hour stay around the corner on…

High Street Car Park

78 High St, Halifax HX1 2ST

The address is here:-


Croft Myl

T: 01422 413 035

Croft Myl,

West Parade,

A few photos of the location…

And here’s a 360-degree tour of the building, you can come to the front door – which has “Croft Myl” above it, or to the rear by the car park where there’s the lovely Jamocha Cafe. They do amazing coffee!

I can’t recommend Ade highly enough.

He has recently taken my third set of profile pictures, and this time there was a team of seven requiring authentic head shots, plus a team shot. Reducing the very many photos down to a shortlist was really very tricky, but we have all come out with at least three different profile pictures as well as a selection of team shots which can be used on our website. Ade did a sterling job of putting everyone at ease, even those of the team who weren’t so comfortable in front of the camera. The result is a great suite of shots, with good variety, well-lit and really showing the authentic personalities of the people in them. If you need a photographer – whether that’s for your people, your building or your food (yep, he also does food photography) I suggest you get in quick because he’ll be booked up very soon!

Louise Turner
Louise Turner

Ade is an absolute superstar!

I’ve met him at a few events through mutual contacts and he did some new headshots for me a couple of weeks ago. I hate seeing photos of myself, but he did such a great job that I struggled to choose the final selection. He’s a genuinely lovely person and so good at putting you at ease from the off. Highly recommended.

Kate Crawford
Kate Crawford
Chartered Marketer

Adrian did an amazing job for us for our company rebrand. During our rebrand process from Mike Designs to Apogii, Adrian’s photography has both reflected our repositioning and helped inform the new look we wanted. Adrian’s work during a single photo-shoot generated many highly professional and edgy images, creating a library of work we can use for a long time to come. His approach put us at our ease while directing with an eye on the final images. We were informed by Adrian throughout the process of what he was doing and why and we had a great time on the shoot and love our new photos.

Mike Munt
Mike Munt
Designer and Illustrator
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