Shooting at a Safe Distance

Are you starting to run out of new images to use in your social media and marketing?

With the current lock-down rules in place it may appear that you can’t really do photography at the moment. 

With the recent guidance changes allowing people to both work and meet individuals at a safe distance this means we can to restart our photography service, and we are in a great position to help…

Why us?

At McFade photography we have been shooting Outdoors and on-location for years, some of my best work has been in car parks at the side of offices which believe it or not can have dozens of amazing backgrounds you walk past everyday. 

We will bring our professional lighting and cameras just the same as any other photo-shoot but we can remain Outdoors where risk of spreading corona-virus is minimal and stay at a safe distance to further reduce any risk

With the current guidelines in mind these are the things we can also help you with:-

    • Individuals or couples who have been self isolating together – business people models actors – anyone at all
    • Action shots of people at work – assuming we can be at least 3m away from them whilst they are in action
    • Any property which we can gain access to – of both interior and exterior
    • Interiors of restaurants bars pubs and hotels ready for the relaunch
    • Food and product photos – again assuming we can set up safely in your location or have the products delivered to us to photograph.
    • Cars – at your cars sales room or take them to a safe remote location to create some art photos

Add to that, for existing customers we still have all your old photos on file which we can resurrect and polish for you to use, and we have our phone photo editing course for those of you who want to get more out of your existing photos by making cool memes.

What Next?

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Examples of social distanced photos

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