We love working with creatives – one day after a fashion shoot in Leeds we discussed what we could do for our next project. I wanted to do it over in Liverpool for a change and to help Denise with travel, and it grew from there into a wedding.

So the team on the day were:-

  • Me – photographer, lighting, gofer and taxi driver
  • Andy – Groom and gofer
  • Andi – Vicar, lighting and gofer
  • Denise – bride and gofer
  • Rick – film maker and yes gofer!

(gofer – someone who carries stuff around on a shoot/stage)

Lighting Kit Used

It was windy as hell, so we couldn’t use any diffusers – so the flashes just had reflectors on them.

  • Godox AD600BM * 2
  • Godox AD200 * 1

So most of the images use 3-point lighting, 2 behind ar roughly 45 degrees, and one at the front usually at 30 degrees to Denise’s face.

We had the AD600’s in bags with cables to the flash head so they didn’t smash if they blew over – and 5KG weights as well! Can’t be too careful

Camera Kit Used

With it being wet, sandy, windy and pretty cold, I wanted to keep the lens changes to a minimum, so in the bag had :-

  • Canon 5D mark 4
  • Canon 70-200 F2.8L IS
  • Canon 16-35 F4L IS
  • Canon 24-70 F4L IS

The vast majority of the shots were with the 16-35 so I could put the flashes close to the models (it was a brightish day) to get a lot of flash without needing full flash power.

There was a 3-Stop ND Grad filter on most of the wide shots – no grad on the long shots.

Rick was there shooting away on his massive film camera, so hopefully get some moving footage to share as well

So here’s a gallery of the shots!