Moody Bradford City Centre

You can’t always get the weather you want on a test shoot – but somehow, bradford suits this kind of sky.

It’s got this old yortkshire stone architedtue going on – yellow stones stacked up to make mills and shops. Pair that with blubous grey clouds and you have an appropriate look… maybe not the one the tourist industry were after!

This was all done with a brand new Canon 17mm Tilt Shift lens, you can read more about it and buy one if you click on its picture


Bradford done with the canon 17 mm
Canon 17 mm TSe lens

So I started out on Sunbridge Road, where you can park for free if you’re lucky. Cobbles and Yorkshire stone everywhere.

A spot of renovation going on here – a building of 2 halves

The famous TJ Hughes store on the hill here – maybe the shift effect is a bit severe on this – it needed another frame to make more room at the top and bottom. You shoot and learn

Same buildings but a little lower on the street

The world famous Alhambra Theatre

Again – but from the other side

A place I always visit, the media museum. Often got some great exhibitions on in here.

The best investment they made to the city centre, this pond is a fantastic focal point for everyone in the summer… just not this day

Here we have a stitched HDR shot – 6 photos – 3 shots low down, 3 high up – then all blended together using LIGHTOOM and Photomatix

A bit of olde worlde effect here with Split Toning in lightroom 

The City Vaults – a traditional boozer with bands and decent beer.

I actually started up here – Lister Mills. The sun was out for a good 10 minutes. 

See – sun out on this one too

Sunbridge Road again for these 3

Here’s where you can park for nowt – Yorkshire people like that

Done a good job of cleaning this one up

And finally, a HDR stitch of the city hall – 6 frames all mushed up together to make this one.

One thought on “Moody Bradford City Centre

  1. Wow, that TSE lens really does help a lot doesn’t it! I purchased the Canon 10-18mm recently and am slightly frustrated that even on an APS-C sensor perspectives are overly emphasised. A very nice set of images.

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