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hi Folks,

Salford Quays, Media City, and the Lowry offer an incredible opportunity for photography enthusiasts, and I highly recommend visiting if you haven’t already. Last Friday, I met up with Lee, Eif, and Paul from the Welshot team at this location, and we successfully captured some fantastic images to advertise our upcoming McFade/Welshot workshop. This workshop is stepping up its game, as participants won’t only receive photography instruction and coaching from myself and the team, but they’ll also gain new expertise in HDR processing techniques after a lunch break.

Running this workshop is truly exhilarating – it’s situated in an amazing place, focusing on a topic I’m passionate about, and I aim to teach participants how to keep their HDR images from looking overly cartoonish.

I believed that an effective strategy would involve setting a task for the participants to replicate 10 “mcfade” images. With this intention, I prepared a handout containing the photographs and a brief set of instructions. During the photography session, this would provide them with specific objectives to strive for. Moreover, it would ensure that we have a set of similar photographs to focus on during the editing workshop.

Here are the photographs that I’ll be presenting to individuals, posing a challenge for them to capture similar images, after which I’ll demonstrate my technique for taking those shots.

It resembles that “Masked Magician” series where they reveal all the tricks!

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  1. Hi Adrian,
    Joined Welshot a few weeks ago and are coming to your workshop on 3rd April. Just been browsing you images. Like them a lot…lovely feel to them. Hope to learn lots on Sunday. CS4 skills not brilliant but ok. Looking forward to getting some good shots to show!

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