Dock Street Shoot with Andy Taylor Boocock

A Very Inky Man in a very cool Leeds street

I’ve always loved Dock Street as a portrait location – a classic thin street, cobbles, high mills and a wide variety of looks to be had. So when I met up with Andy for the first time, it was the first location that came to mind. We’d met at Leeds Arena a few weeks before – at a Hacienda Classical gig of all things.

The Photography Bit

So they were all taken using :-

Lighting was 3 strobes (Speedlite) on stands – 2 were bare and used as rim lighting and a small beauty dish for the key lighting.

Lighting conditions were good for this work – over cast, but not dark. The sun wasn’t interfering too much.

So here are some shots from the first shoot.

Analog EFEX film vibe on these 2

All done in LIGHTROOM here – definitely not short of drama – I was very low down for the shot.

Swapped to the 16-35mm lens for this one – hence the wider view behind Andy

A handy wind for this scarf – filled it up and made most of the print visible

Really bright processing and a bit of double exposure to fill the gap on the right of this

Love the mix of orange and green on the scarf and jacket

This is in the car park where Tetley Brewery once was. Very bright skies meant using bare flash to get sufficient power of the strobes.

Ramped up Clarity on this to make the image pop

Bare rim lights really liked his leather jacket!

Again – just 3 lights, 1 at the front pumping out a lot of light

16mm shot this one – a bit of meddling with textures for a film effect




You get the idea!

A great shoot and the start of many other projects – the next one may need your eyes testing…. 😉

Andy can be found on INSTAGRAM if you click this headline

Though it wasn’t a photo shoot for a specific brand, most of the clothes were from Bolongaro Trevor in Thornton’s Arcade Leeds – a great shop with original British design

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