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Joe Cusimano

Founder of the Lovelution Movement, Joe Cusimano met for a shoot in Halifax – sheltering from the rain under a few of its viaducts!

What is Lovelution…

From his Viva La Lovelution Facebook page, Joe says…

Join the Lovelution: Follow your Heart, Shine your Light,Seek the Truth and Reunite! This is YOUR revolution! Lets Synergize our unity and change the world. 

Love unites all, with love there are no boundaries, no separations. We are all One. Get involved by Sharing this page with your friends and family ♥

This is YOUR revolution! The world is changing, there is a shift upon us, a shift away from fear and hatred and towards Love and Unity. A shift that has been foretold by so many cultures around the world, for thousands of years. We can co-create the reality we want, we ARE the ones we have been waiting for.. 

Join forces in the name of Love. Spread hope and smiles, share knowledge, truth, creativity and ideas, awaken the masses! Bring your friends along for the ride, spread the love far and wide!

Free your mind.
Viva La Lovelution
Peace 😀 xxx



The Shoot

Joe’s a natural performer – he involves everyone who passes by, they pause and listen, walk over and join in…

To capture this, Joe just set up as normal – speaker, tunes, mic… GO!

Then I set up lights around him – up to 4 strobes on some of the later shots – and captured the action as it happened.

Location had to be under cover because of the horrible weather – pouring down as usual. It worked to our advantage later on as the blobs of rain were lit by the flashes – adding an ethereal texture to the photos.

The Future

We’ve already got a car-photo project in the planning, and we’ll be running a some urban portrait workshops with Joe and the Lovelution guys.

We’re definitely looking forward to creating more great images and sharing ideas!


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