A Fast Website Refresh

A new look without a new site

Websites can be a stressful thing to create, write and update – you’ve got to think of all that functionality, the copy and layout – it’s usually the first victim of procrastination!

So how do you give your existing site a brand new look, with minimum impact to your life?

Get some new images of you and your team and update your “About us” page

It’s pretty easy really – replace your old photos

Your website will have lots of images which can be swapped in or out pretty quickly and easily, either by you or your web developer. All you need to do is get a photographer around for a few hours to create you a new set of marketing images, then when you get the shots, just chop them to the right size and swap them out. A trivial task in WordPress websites, and probably easy in most.

If you can’t afford a photographer to come around then you can ask them for some of their stock images – most of us have thousands of images we take in our spare time, my library is jammed full of the Dales, Leeds, The Lakes, Rome, Prague… you name it!

We have lots of stock shots like this which can be used on anyone’s website to give it a new feel – all for far less than a new website build

We are always more than happy to licence images for you to use – it may only cost you a few tens or hundreds of pounds to totally transform how your website looks if you go down this route. We have an image library with a taste of what you can liscence here:-


Either way – getting us in for a few hours or getting some of our library images will transform your old website’s appearance for a fraction of the cost of a new site.

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