The impossible photography shoot…

….making Hull look great!

The latest AimSpace project is to transform an office space with inspiring photography, for a newly acquired building in Hull. Our clients need the photographs in the show office to look fantastic and local to the city, so out with the camera and around Hull I went – with my trusty assistant “Geordie” Dave Higham.

Given a shortlist of things to shoot; The Deep, world trade centre, town hall, princes court etc. we set off on what was the hottest day of 2011 so far .

Here are some of the results, starting with Hull Train Station

This is the Hull World Trade Centre, by the Humber

Hull’s “The Deep” – a massive aquarium

Trinity Church – an amazing building in the centre of Hull, but amazingly tricky to photograph.. not a lot of room around it

So I had to take a “mcfade special” photograph, taking in the road markings….

Hull’s main precinct, the Princes Shopping Centre – long glass thingy

The one on the right is the Hull Maritime Museum – not sure what the thing on the left is, but it’s quite nice

Here’s the maritime museum again

Hull Town Hall, which is a massive building incorporating the courts as well – huge thing.

A walkway heading to the Deep – loved the shadows on this one

Some bridges over the little river – I think it may be called the River Hull, not sure though

And finally, this is next to some locks on the harbour – there is a marina with lots of yachts right next to the client’s offices, so got a few shots down here

So there you go – the impossible photography task, making Hull look half decent

Truth be told, there’s a lot of really cool stuff hidden around Hull – we had a 3 hour shoot to get this selection, it pays to take time and wander around the back streets as well as going for the obvious iconic buildings.

Where next? Barnsley……….. 😉

2 thoughts on “The impossible photography shoot…”

  1. ‘The one on the right is the Hull Maritime Museum – not sure what the thing on the left is, but it’s quite nice’

    It used to be a Yorkshire Bank branch, but since closed down and re-opened as an Italian coffee bar called Caffè Nero.

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