HDR Photography in Leeds… Armley


Famous for it’s monumental prison and a gyratory, Armley isn’t the first Leeds suburb you’d go shooting alone in – let alone on an incredibly dull February day.

I took to the canal first first, to see how the graffiti artists are doing – these walls change regularly.


Then down to the river Aire and over the footbridge for some more shots.

All these are HDR shots – which means “High Dynamic Range”, where we take a few photos at different exposures (brightnesses) the blend them into one. We run workshops on this – check out the next one here… http://www.mcfade.co.uk/training/leeds-photography-workshops-coming-soon/

Oloneo and Lightroom 4

The shots were processed using Oloneo and Lightroom – Oloneo is a specialist HDR program, and Lightroom is a version of Photoshop aimed at photographers.

The rest of the shots here are not “edited” as such – but “synched” in Lightroom to show you that editing photos got a whole lot easier.

Basically they all have the same settings – same colour, brightness, contrast, vignette…

The only thing that’s wrong are the dust spots – so you’ll see blobs on the shots below. Dust tends to be the biggest pain these days – even on self-cleaning sensors like the 5D2.


_MG_0746-HDR _MG_0749-HDR _MG_0752-HDR _MG_0755-HDR _MG_0758-HDR _MG_0761-HDR _MG_0764-HDR _MG_0767-HDR _MG_0770-HDR _MG_0773-HDR _MG_0776-HDR _MG_0779-HDR _MG_0782-HDR _MG_0734-HDR _MG_0737-HDR _MG_0740-HDR


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