Bradford Cathedral Photographs

Bradford has a bad press.

It’s one of those places which offers so much, yet never seems to escape that image of desperation.

The thing is, there is so much on offer to the Photographer that it’s well worth a look.

Here are a few gems to enjoy…


  • Bradford City Hall – full of statues of british monarchs
  • City Park – the UK’s best urban fountain and light show
  • Little Germany – just off the centre, a collection of beautiful buildings in a confined space. Look up and you’ll see them
  • Undercliffe Cemetery – for the goth, emo and photographer, a rel gem of a place. A mix of grand and meek graves in a huge plot overlooking the city.
  • Saltaire – just out of the city, this is a mix of mill, model village, round-ended chapel and lovely park – with a wier and canal thrown in.
  • Alhambra – distinctive theatre, with it’s lights and dome.
  • Media Museum – not so much to photograph, more to have a brew in and enjoy the exhibitions
  • Bradford Cathedral….


I’d never been in the cathedral to recently, having shot it outside from many angles I’d just moved on to Little Germany. But on a particularly cold day, I went in for refuge and found this wonderful gem of a building. It’s no York Minster – rather a small, quiet and beautifully understated space.

Here are a few shots from inside there

The Photography Bit

They are all HDR shots – which means I shot 3 frames, each 2 stops apart, for each image. This gives you more “information” in the dark and bright areas of the scene than shooting just one shot can. The result is that you can “show” more detail in the final image.

The first shot has a lot of “Vignette” added – to draw the eye down the nave.


Second shot is looking down the nave from the alter end of the building. Note that you can see lots of detail in the rafters – HDR allows this




The third shot is a mono – taking a diagonal composition. There are still details in the rafers, and you you can see some detail in the bright windows.


Probably my favourite from the day, as it’s a lovely peaceful scene.


And finally the classic floor to ceiling shot down the nave



So next time you’re in Bradford with time to spare – cross Forster Square and pop in the cathedral for a look.

3 thoughts on “Bradford Cathedral Photographs

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Other good locals to photograph in Bradford as I’ve found are: Lister Park and Cartwright Hall and the exhibits at the Industrial Museum

    1. Good call on Lister Park actually – I shot a wedding there and a family shoot, loads of stuff for people to play on whilst taking their shots.

      not been in the Industrial Museum – where’s that?

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