Maximising your photography investment

Our little secret!

All photographers and designers know how to do this – and it is REALLY easy to do – and it really can leverage that photography investment to your advantage. 

We use Adobe LIGHTROOM to do it at McFade, but there is a free tool called “IfranView” which does it as well. 


Leverage your investment

Get 30 for the price of 10

Imagine you’ve invested in a shoot and received 10 amazing edited photos. How do you make this into 20 or 30 photos without actually “editing”*** the image? 

This video shows how cropping and saving different versions gives you dozens of extra images to fuel those social media streams and marketing collateral. 


*** (Note that photographers will have something in their contract to stop you editing them – because most people make a mess and it damages a photographers reputation. Cropping is always fine with McFade, but do check first with your photographer if you’re unsure). 

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