Night Photography in the City

Don’t put your camera away in the dark!

Too many people put their cameras away for the winter – night photography is one of the most creative forms there is. Amaze your friends with long exposures, light trails, wierd shapes etc.

Here are 5 Photography ideas to do at night which would be impossible during the day – all in a city near you.

1 – Light Trail Photography

As traffic passes, they leave lines across your photos

2 – Tripod zoom burst Photography

If you zoom whilst taking a photo, points of light turn into lines like these – on a tripod these are straight lines.

3 – Hand held zoom burst Photography


If you hold your camera and zoom, you get a more random pattern, a little like fireworks

4 – “moving” characters Photography

By moving the camera at the last moment of an exposure you can make Xmas figures like these look like they’re flying across the photo

5 – Exploding windows Photography

And finally, if you can see ceiling lights in an office block, you can get this “exploding windows” look by doing a zoom burst

All of the above were done “in camera”, not using photoshop at all – it’s a case of using a little imagination and technical know-how with the camera.

McFade Photography Training showed a group how this was done at the end of November – if you’d like to know more, get in touch and we can organise 1-2-1 Photography training for you, or a group event anywhere you like.


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