Night Photography Workshops in Leeds

The most complete night photography workshop series in Leeds today?

Does your camera go into hibernation over winter? Join our Night Photography Workshops in Leeds. Embrace the dark to create amazing images!

We’ve listened to your feedback from the recent survey. People wanted….

  • a “collaborative” approach, one where we learn from each other
  • to know more about “processing”.
  • an end-to-end process – from capturing the RAW file to final edit

What you’ll learn in our Night Photography Workshops in Leeds

We’ve developed a 5-month course which has fun evening shoots AND review evenings

For the 5 practical nights:-

  • Learn about long exposures
  • Learn about movement – of camera or subject
  • Light trails
  • Light Graffiti
  • Painting with Light
  • Creative use of XMAS lights
  • Fun fairs at night

For the 5 feedback nights:-

  • bring photos from practical session to be discussed
  • work together to constructively discuss the good and improvement points on each photo
  • learn about cropping creatively
  • learn the basics of composition
  • learn how to do basic edits – Lightroom or Photoshop
  • learn about cloning and removing junk
  • Noise reduction
  • Sharpening creatively
  • and much more

It’s your opportunity to see both how to shoot at night, but also how to transform the shots in the computer. Even if you’ve been on last year’s night-workshops, you will learn a vast amount of new information.

The information we’ll be sharing over the next 5 months may completely transform how you work.

Full details on the dates and course content – CLICK here NOW! 

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