Northumberland – Great Even When Grim

Raining in Northumberland

I guess living in Leeds, the sea is always going to be a novelty – it’s not exactly close – a good hour which ever way you go, and more like 2 to get to a pretty place.

So why not do Northumberland; It’s got everything except huge mountains.

Take Advantage of the Low Light

On this recent trip we were treated to rain and grim skies mainly, but not to be deterred, we took advantage of the low light and shot waves crashing up on the boulders and rocky coast. You can get that milky water effect if it’s not sunny.

This set of images were all taken on such days – ones where 98% of photographers would be stuck indoors on Photoshop moaning about the rain.

You can always find SOMETHING to do with a camera, you just need some wellies, a warm coat, and a rain cover your camera.

The photo-set was mainly from around Blythe, Craster, Newbiggin and there’s one in Alnwick – where we retreated to get some architecture and coffee!

For more information on Northumberland, visitt the tourism site here:-

Visit Northumberland Northumberland Tourist Info

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