Saltaire Bradford – A World Heritage Site

A World Heritage Site in Bradford, Saltaire is is the creation of of a Victorian entrepreneur sir Titus Salt. It’s a small village built to house and serve the people who worked in his gigantic Mill on the Leeds Liverpool canal. He built facilities in Saltaire like the victoria Hall for functions, a Methodist chapel, a hospital and a school so everything the workers could need, was to hand and readily available.

UNESCO designated Saltaire Bradford a World Heritage site and have guaranteed it’s preservation as a memorial, orbea a living memorial, to the Victorian era of will working.


So armed with my DJI mini to I visit a few weeks ago and found a few quiet places where I could send it up and capture some photos of Saltaire. Whilst the little quadcopter was my I would occasionally grab a 360-degree photosphere, something it does as an automatic setting.

Accidental Photo Tour!

Little did I know a few weeks later whilst investigating how to to show 360-degree photos on Facebook and the like, that I would land upon some software which was able to create virtual tours in a fairly rapid and enjoyable way.

So I hope you enjoy having a little look around the area and do click upon the flashing dots because they take you to the next photos. You will notice that most of the images are from three spots which I’ve found that very few people around. Although the mini allows you to to fly near people it’s always a politeness to keep your distance because not everybody knows the rules and some may get a little upset.