Volunteering Days – 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Photographer

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Volunteering days are the best team building events – spending time with good people doing good things for a good cause… what could be better?

Having been on 2 when working in a corporate environment, I can vouch for them – getting out of the office and tooled up is great fun, and working on totally different “stuff” to the day job helps everyone bond.

Participate Projects

Organisations like West Yorkshire’s http://www.participateprojects.org.uk/ are bristling with projects for amazing causes, and is always on the look out to help managers put Employee Volunteering Days together.

If you are looking for a great team building day, get in touch with Anthony and the team at info@participateprojects.org.uk or 01274 288787

5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Photographer

1 – Make Your Team FAMOUS!


If you’re in a huge corporate there may be a healthy rivalry and competitiveness between teams – what better way to get “one up” on your colleagues than to get amazing shots of you “doing good” in the newsletter. Surely that along is worth hiring a photographer for!

2 – Impartial photos


The photographer probably doesn’t know who’s who in the team, so you get a far more balanced set of images – not just loads of shots of the managers and directors to massage their egos 🙂 Depending on how the photographer works, you may get great “fly on the wall” shots which tell the full story of the day.

3 – Team stays Together


Rather than one guy taking photos with their i-phone all day, missing out on the team activities, let the professional get the shots.

4 – Quality Images


A quality photographer sees the world differently. They’ll be looking for key moments, when people are working together, concentrating on a task, helping each other out – but not only that, they will use the best quality lenses to ensure even in challenging darker conditions, you’ll get images which

5 – Great Team shots for your PR


Imagine a great shot of everyone, together with their tools and the team leaders…. now imagine it in the local press, or industry magazines. A really crisp, professional team shot is priceless for PR.

And here are a few more shots from a Participate Projects volunteering day

_MG_2094 _MG_2037 _MG_2022 _MG_2019 _MG_2017 _MG_2011 _MG_2008 _MG_1987 _MG_1978 _MG_1970 _MG_1967 _MG_1966 _MG_1964 _MG_1957 _MG_1948 _MG_1936 _MG_1921 _MG_1917 _MG_1913

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