Wensleydale – New Year 2017

Wensleydale for New Year

Wensleydale is one of my favourite Dales, it’s long, wide, full of waterfalls and lovely villages – and has nice cheese!

Cotter Force, Wensleydale

This new year I was up there with friends and popped out now and then to get some shots of the area – especially one fantastic sunset on New Years Day, where we went up Butter Tubs Pass. Looking back over the valley to Ingleborough was pure magic.

Ingleborough, from Butter Tubs Pass

Snowy grass in the foreground, dramatic skies in the distance, and eventually we got a rare Sun Pillar. I’ve not seen one before, it’s when the sun sets and lights up ice particles in the sky – looking like a fountain of fire.

Sun Pillar

The following day, I finally found Cotter Force – I’d tried before but went straight past it by accident! It’s probably the most accessible waterfall other than West Burton, in a little rock fissure and all in the shade.


Cotter Force, Wensleydale
Cotter Force, Wensleydale

New Years Evening was a deluge, so when we went to Aysgarth Falls the river Ure was a torrent – perfect for Sam, this guy who’s a professional Kayak racer. He did a couple of runs for us, totally mental, but exciting to watch.

Lower Aysgarth Falls, Sam kayaks over it


We went to Hardrow Force too – England’s highest fall wzith a clear drop over 90 feet – and again it was pretty full compared to normal.

Hardraw Force

Walking across the fields between Simonstone and Hardraw was relly pretty too – can’t beat the odd barn or tree for a Landscape photo.

Path from Hardraw to Simonstone
View into Wensleydale from Simonstone

The rest of the photos from the day

Moles caught and put on the wall…. not sure why
View to Hawes
Upper Aysgarth Falls
Upper Cotter Force
Cotter Force

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