Why do Photography? 3 Appreciation for Nature and Surroundings

Ever find yourself caught up in the daily grind, with no time to stop and smell the roses? Or even, take a look at them?

We’re so busy rushing through life that we often miss the incredible beauty around us. This is where picking up a camera, be it a pro DSLR or just your phone, can do wonders.

Photography is like a magic portal that transports us into a world of beauty we often overlook. Think about it. When was the last time you stopped to really look at a sunrise, noticed how shadows weave an intricate pattern on a leafy path or watched the hustle and bustle of a city street with fascination? When you start photographing these moments, you start seeing the world in a whole new light.

The great outdoors is a gold mine for stunning snaps. Let’s take the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales as examples, where you’ll find everything from serene lakes to rolling hills, and quaint villages to fascinating wildlife. There’s something so peaceful about capturing the quiet beauty of a morning in Swaledale or the captivating sight of a sunset over Windermere. Every tiny change in the light, every shift in the season brings a fresh new perspective to the landscape, making you appreciate nature’s artistry more and more.

And it’s not just about the big scenic views. Photography also gets you up close and personal with the smaller wonders of nature. How about a macro shot of a dewdrop on a leaf, or a close-up of a lamb in Wensleydale? It’s all about seeing the beauty in every little thing, from the vast to the minuscule.

Away from the countryside, photography makes you see your everyday surroundings through a new lens. Ordinary things like the way sunlight filters through your bedroom window or the vibrancy of a crowded market suddenly seem picture worthy. It’s like carrying around your own pair of magic glasses that transform the mundane into something extraordinary.

Copright of McFade Photography

And here’s the cool thing. As you fill your memory card with shots of nature’s beauty, you start caring more about preserving it. Snapping a pic of a stunning view in Malham or a tranquil scene in the Lake District can really hit home the importance of looking after these incredible places.

Photography also connects you to people and the world around you. Capturing a moment of someone’s life or an animal in its natural habitat, you get a peek into their world. It’s like seeing the world through their eyes for a moment, and that’s a powerful thing.

So, to sum it up, photography is much more than just taking nice pics.

It’s about slowing down, taking a good look around and truly appreciating the world in all its amazing detail. It’s about feeling connected to your surroundings and developing a love for nature and all its tiny wonders. And let me tell you, once you start seeing the world through the lens of a camera, you’re going to love it even more.

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