Yorkshire Photo Locations – Cow and Calf

Bah T’at

Most people go Bah T’at on Ilkley Moor, subject of this Yorkshire Photo Locations post, these days – except the climbers in their helmets. The Cow and Calf is an outcrop of rock on Ilkley Moor, the Cow being a large rock, the calf being an boulder which stands a few feet away from the Cow. I guess that’s the reason for the name!

Photographic potential?

Well the main things are…

  • Wonderful vista over Wharfdale
  • Intricate rock carvings from upto 150 years ago
  • People shots

The rocks are pretty high up so you get a great view to Addinham on the left right down to Almscliffe Cragg on the right. At sunset it can be spectacular, during the day, it’s great for black and white shots

The carvings are great, the older ones seem calligraphic, the more modern less so – but it is a great history of the place. They are mainly on the Cow, though you can see them on neighbouring rocks.

People – these usually break down to shooting climbers ascending the quarry and silhouettes of couples looking over the vista – these look great with dramatic skies. Take your long lens and you should get a few opportunities to get all 3.

Bright Sunny Day

All these shots were taken on a bright bank holiday monday, just to give you a flavour of the place

_MG_9026 _MG_9032 _MG_9019 _MG_9007 _MG_9003 _MG_8999

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