Yorkshire Photo Locations – West Burton Force

Wensleydale’s Easy Access Waterfall

Looking for an easy to shoot Yorkshire Photo Location? You can park and look at this waterfall from the car… it’s that easy to see!

A real gem of a waterfall, like another great Yorkshire Photo Location, High Force, it cascades over a large fault in the rock. It creates this lovely surrounding which is an ideal accompaniment to the cascading water.

Look under the bridge

There’s also a very pretty waterfall under the foot bridge, this is rarely accessible unless you’ve got wellies on – though when the water levels are low, you can clamber below the bridge and grab a few shots.

Super Slow Shutter

These shots were taken on a daytime meet with friends, so to get a longer shutter I used a ND3.0 filter and polariser, taking the exposure times up to 30 seconds – just gives the whole scene a slightly surreal feel.

_MG_8961_MG_8974 _MG_8962
_MG_8969-2 _MG_8959

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