13 Photos of New (Clarence) Dock – Leeds

Clarence Dock or New Dock Leeds?

I’ve always referred to it as Clarence Dock, but the area was rebranded “New Dock Leeds” in 2012 according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Dock_(Leeds)).

Either way, the blend of architecture and water makes for a great place to photograph – even on dull days, dusk photos look great once the lights come on.

New Dock Leeds through a Sigma 12-24mm Lens

The purpose of this shoot was to try out a Sigma 12-14mm lens – I’ve shot with the Canon 17-40 dozens of times, would the extra 5mm make much difference?

Here’s a shot with the 17-40 at 17mm



And here is the 12-24 at 12 mm

leeds-clarence-dock-evening-april-2014_0103_4_5So as you can see, it does make a big difference – you can see all of the Armouries building on the left and all of the roundish building on the right.

It does open up a world of new possibility for city shooters.

The biggest issue with the lens is that you can’t really fit a polariser of filter system – it comes with a filter ring “thing” which slides on to the front of the lens. However, you get round photos if you use it… vignette is an understatement… it’s properly round.

So it’s HDR all the way – and here are 13 photos taken last night, all bracketed images (-2/0/+2 EV)

13 HDR Photos of New Dock



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