Free Lightroom Tips and Photo Critique – Week 6

Free Lightroom Tips and Photo Critique – Week 6

This weeks Lightroom tips….

This week we had 5 photos uploaded, a nice mix of subjects including a lancaster bomber, river and York scene.

Main tips are on image editing and losing quality through excessive noise reduction, cropping and vignetting.

Free, anonymous Lightroom Tips – Submit now for next week

This is currently a free service for people wanting to improve their photography.

To join in do the following:-

  • email us at
  • tell us who you are (if we don’t know)
  • let us know which email address you use for Dropbox – usually the one you use for every day use
  • we’ll invite you to the folders
  • copy in a high res completed version of your photo into each future folder

And that’s it – we’ll include these in the future critiques!


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