Granary Wharf – Leeds

Granary Wharf and Wellington Street in Leeds

Just a quick post with some shots from the train station/canal area of Leeds.

Again these were all taken in the early days of testing the Tilt Shift lens we invested in for the architecture photography business.

Here’s what we used to make theseClick to see the 17mm TSe Lens

There is so much you can do with these lenses, it’s a game changer. The main thing with this set is that it’s the first time we’ve shot these things perfectly vertically. Usually, it can’t be done easily with a normal lens.

So there they are….

Wellington street

Bridge over the river Aire

6 photos – 2 sets of 3 in effect – to capture the top and bottom of this.

Inside the Dark Arches

2 Photos – one low down, one high up, stitched together

Aire Bridge – theĀ other side

This is 6 photos blended together!

New entrance to the Train Station

Definitely one of the bolder entrances to a train station, and a brave bit of architecture for Leeds!

Wellington Street

Love the detail on this old brick building in the city. The sun came out just at the right moment too

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