Hiring a Photographer : 7 things you’re REALLY buying (5)

5 – Time to take the images

how to hold your camera properly

So this IS the time we spend with you shooting, the contact time, the time on site – it’s where the magic is started, but by no means complete. 

When people ask “what is your day rate”, I assume this is the thing they are expecting to pay for. 

On the shoot day, it’s all systems go, you’ll see us:-

  • Setting up lights and tripods if needed
  • Hooking up a laptop
  • Creating the look – so moving lights around, moving people around, adding ingredients to food shots etc.
  • Test shots – getting the lighting right, showing clients to see what they think.
  • Meeting people and putting them at ease – bad jokes and getting them to do “stuff” to take their mind of the camera
  • Shooting (finally!)
  • Moving to the next location (e.g. from Bar to Kitchen) and repeating all the above.
  • Packing up

It’s a pretty full on day for a photographer – lugging kit around, thinking of all the camera stuff, all the flash stuff and managing people – especially those who say they hate being photographed (98% of people).

We leave with a camera full of RAW files, and part 6 starts… 


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