A Rare View of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks – Together

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – 2 Distinctive, 1 Boring?

I’ve always loved Ingleborough and Pen y Gent yet found Whernside a boring hill to look at. As kids playing on Pendle Hill we could easily see the Yorkshire 3 Peaks on a clear day – 2 very distinctive mountains and one boring lump

But on a day out with my parents, we drove up through Slaidburn to Bentham and I saw the 2 peaks and this other one I didn’t recognise.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks – Whernside


It’s a completely different look – a long ridge and distinctive pyramid shape when viewed from Bentham!

Put the 3 together and they look like this – you can see the 3 peaks are a long way from each other – left to right you have

  1. Whernside
  2. Ingleborough
  3. Pen y Gent

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Whernside it a few feet taller than Ingleborough, though further away in this photo – hence looking a bit smaller.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks – Ingleborough

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Yorkshire 3 Peaks – Pen Y Gent

Yorkshire 3 Peaks



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