Mastering Black and White in LIGHTROOM

Mean, Moody and Mono

Sometimes you don’t get that perfect light – the colours are missing and you’re tempted to get back in the car and drive home. 

But so long as you’ve got a little definition in the sky and it’s not pouring down, then stick around – get some shots with the intention of going “black and white” in processing. 

I usually switch the camera to Monochrome when shooting – just so the preview on camera looks black and white – remember that the RAW file always contains colour info anyway, so you don’t lose anything. 

The Base Photo

As you can see from this unedited shot – it wasn’t the most inspiring of days in Yorkshire, but there was sky definition – so I stuck around and took 63 photos of the area. 

This is 2 of them stitched together. 


After about 7 minutes in LIGHTROOM… 


The basic steps are

  1. Choose a colour profile – a new feature in LIGHTROOM 
  2. Tweak the Basic Settings – take time
  3. Add a split tone to cool it down a bit
  4. Sharpen
  5. Vignette
  6. Grad Tool – including the new Luminosity slider 
  7. Brush Tool
  8. Crop


Rather than typing the details, here’s a video which explains it all – every step! 

The Video


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