Kitzbuhel Church, Austria

A Wealthy Town

If you’re into classic sports cars and wealthy old german people wandering around streets, this place is for you. Its a playground for the rich, with E-Type Jaguars and classic Porsches along the litterless streets. We did look at property priced and it’s more like Mayfair than Leeds!

But as this blog is being created near Xmas – here is a gallery of the church – details on the town and church here

The church is 14th century high gothic with gold pretty much everywhere – wonderful artwork on the cieling and fantastic natural light from the huge windows.

The Photography Bit

Here are a selection of shots, mainly detail shots taken with the 70-200mm lens at high ISO and wide aperture, so I could hand-hold. The wider shots were taken on tripod.

Hand holding gives┬ámore opportunity to change angle/height of the camera – tripod means you can shoot at F16 and get the whole building sharp.

The Photos

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