Manchester Can Be Sunny – Occasionally

Manchester Looking Fantastic

Manchester, the UK’s second city, is famous for its rain, grey skies and grim climate!

I should know, I lived there for 4 years in 1990’s and rarely saw the sun. You just needed some waterproof clothes and boots – it wasn’t a problem, but the buildings never really looked great.

Roll on 25 years and I was back to photograph my old University for a job – after which I popped into the centre for a stroll. Here is a set of images from that walk:-

  • they’re all HDR,
  • hand held with the Canon 5D mark 3
  • 16-35mm lens
  • prepped in LIGHTROOM
  • blended in PHOTOMATIX
  • Finished off in LIGHTROOM

See how many Manchester locations you recognise!

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