Sopot, Poland

Poland’s Blackpool?

Sopot is a resort in Poland with a pier, sand and seagulls – yes, it’s just like Blackpool!

Actually, it’s more like Penarth in Wales – a more subdued, classy affair than the coastal towns of northern England.

Its centre street is spotlessly clean, lots of bars and shops with a bustling student vibe towards to the top end of town.

Chicago Blues Brothers Tour

The purpose of the visit was to play 2 arena concerts, at Lodz and near by Gdynia – an amazing experience for all the band. We’ve played many UK theatres and corporate venues, but never one where you can drive your tour bus to the stage!

New LIGHTOOM Presets

Whilst editing these shots of Sopot, I found a common theme – grey dull skies & flat light. It’s something we get all over Europe in winter, so decided to start creating Lightroom presets to make the shots a bit more interesting. These are the first few – a warm, soft summery glow. A greeny, blue cool hue and soft spongey look. A massively detailed, grainy colourful vibe.

In time we’ll develop more and have them on sale from the McFade Shop

Here are the photos – click one for the lightbox and they’ll pop out.

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