Where to shoot ?

How much difference does “location” make to your images?

Obviously landscape and architecture are totally reliant on location, but with subjects such as portraits, products and cars, you can choose to shoot in the studio or choose a location to create something totally different.

Getting outside with the camera and lights is definitely a technical challenge, and also a gamble with the weather conditions. But you can usually find something like a bridge to hide under when it’s raining, wind can had a dynamic feel to the shots and ideas come from things you find on your travels.

I choose to shoot outside to get something completely different to studio results – having done lots of landscape photography in the past, I tend to go for a “dramatic” landscape look.

I’ll use ND Grad filters to make the sky dark, just as you do with a shot of a mountain.

I’ll use speedlite flashes, maybe with a brolly or little beauty dish, to light the car/person in the shot.

But its really the location that creates a lot of the effect I go for.

So when you’re next thinking of doing a shoot with your car or family and friends, think about “where” to do it… because all of the shots on here are about the location AS WELL AS the subject 🙂

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