Wind Farm Workshop with McFade Training

Wind farms are, by definition, positioned in windy, desolate places. This makes for truly atmospheric shots – given the right lighting conditions.

The best time is sunset or sunrise, because the sun light comes in low and lights 1/2 of the turbine, leaving the other half in shadow. It gives a 3D feel to them.

Also you get coloured skies at sunset/rise. This provides a dramatic background to your stark, white turbines.

The other thing to look for is the “interaction” between turbines. When you look at them, try make them “sit” together in the photo nicely – I usually avoid them “overlapping”, but it’s really down to the individual.

So here’s a few shots from the night… wasn’t the best night ever, but was pretty close.


_MG_1935-2_MG_1931-2 _MG_1866-2_MG_1864_MG_1857_MG_1851-2

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