Yorkshire Dales Photo Locations – Swaledale

The Best of the Lot?

Well A.Wainwright of Lakeland fame thought Swaldale to be the best, and I’m inclined to agree. It’s a narrow, steep sided valley with over 1000 barns, the lovely Ure flowing in the valley bottom and many amazing vista points if you get off the main road and venture higher.

The shots in this blog were all taken on 5th May 2013 and show you Swaledale taken with a 70-200 mm lens, far different to the more usual ultra-wide lenses.

Long Lens for Sunny Days

With the longer lens, you can pick out patterns in the walls, patches of light as they pass and generally pull out detail in the landscape.

Wider lenses work better at sunset, when you’re taking in colourful skies as well as the lovely landscapes. But on this particular day, we were shooting in the mid to late afternoon.

The landscape also lends itself to black and white images, where the walls and trees darkly contrast to the brighter fields – by upping the Yellow and Green sliders in your mono converter.

Anyway – here are a few shots to give you an idea of the location – lots of walls and barns….

_MG_8878   _MG_8865   _MG_8924   _MG_8914   _MG_8899  
  _MG_8853   _MG_8839   _MG_8838-2

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