Profile Shoot – The Jazz Guitarist

Chris Rae is a multi-musician, playing jazz on both Piano and Guitar with equal skill and dexterity. As with many areas of life, the internet has come to the musician’s aid and Chris is now partnering up with people across the world to create new and exciting tunes.

There are many of Chris’ tunes on Sound Cloud, which you can find here.

As with “social media”, your on-line personality is largely dictated by what you say (and play, in the case of the musician) , but your profile image is also a huge part of it. It certainly can attract people to click on you above many other “ordinary” avatars.

So we met to create some images for Chris’ profile and for future promo literature. Being from Ilkley I was keen to include some part of the town and surroundings into the shoot, we pondered the Cow and Calf rocks, but decided on a pebble beach on the river Wharfe. It is a lovely spot just down near the Lido, the river meanders past a curved, tree lined beach, creating all sorts of opportunities for a creative backdrop to his playing

Clearly we couldn’t lug a piano down to the beach, so we used the guitar, a prop which turned out to be very striking, with its light colour really standing out from the dark, misty background.

Chris wasn’t posing for these shots, he was playing – practising his diminished scales I think. That meant the hand positions and some of the amusing faces he pulled were all “for real”, which I think is what you’re after with a profile shot.

On a photography note – The huge advantage of the “strobist” style of lighting, which I’ve used here, is that you can get creative lighting in almost any location – without having to carry huge batteries and flash heads. Each shot on this blog used 2 flashes on stands, the rest was down to experience!

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