Stretch and Burn – Lifestyle Shoot

Fitness Photography in the Pennines

We helped an amazing local brand who create sustainable, limited edition fitness clothing with their lifestyle photography – the owners, Clare and Rick, started Stretch and Burn in the lockdown.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, limited edition pieces designed for real people, not mass produced and focused on longevity so we don’t add to the clothing mountain. earth. limited edition

Read more on the Stretch and Burn Website

Creating images to get you noticed

The biggest challenge for any product, service, or business is getting noticed. With so much information out there, consumers are overwhelmed. You need to understand that your customers experience your brand in the same way you experience your favourite brands.

The Pennines are some of the most incredible natural landscapes in the UK, and the perfect setting for a fitness photography shoot. The region’s terrain is both challenging and thrilling — so it’s no surprise that many runners and cyclists have been inspired to train here, particularly on a route known as Holme Moss – which featured in the Tour de France.

Armed with a few photoshoot essentials, a team of assistants (Rick and the kids!) and 4 amazing models, we spent our day shooting in the gorgeous scenery.

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