Why do Photography? 7 Boosting Observation Skills

Photography is like a superpower that changes how we see the world. It’s like a workout for our eyes, making us notice all the little details and patterns that we’d usually miss.

As photographers, we become super aware of everything around us. We’re always on the lookout for the perfect light, the right colour contrasts, interesting lines, patterns, textures, and symmetry. Every tiny detail counts, from how shadows stretch out when the sun sets, to the play of colours in a blooming flower, or the cool pattern in a city skyline.

Seeing Differently

Photography also makes us see everyday stuff in a new light. An old door can become a cool study of textures; a busy street scene can tell a fascinating story; a simple water droplet can become a whole world. It’s all about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Waiting for the perfect moment

And let’s not forget about the hunt for the ‘decisive moment’ – that awesome instant when everything in a scene comes together just right. It could be the split-second a bird takes flight, the moment someone’s expression changes, or that magical ‘blue hour’ when daylight and artificial light balance out. Spotting these moments needs a sharp eye and a super-aware mind.

The cool thing is, this superpower doesn’t just work for photography. It spills over into other parts of our lives too. Being more aware of our surroundings can make us more mindful and present in our daily activities. It can make life richer, helping us spot details and nuances we’d otherwise miss.

Benefits to other areas of your life

Better observation skills can also be a big plus in our jobs. Artists and designers can find inspiration in patterns and compositions they spot around them. Scientists and researchers often need to find anomalies and patterns in data. Even in everyday stuff, like driving or crossing a busy street, being more observant can help us stay safe.

Photography also makes us appreciate the changing seasons and the passage of time. We learn to recognize the quality of light at different times of day and different times of the year. We notice the first buds of spring, the changing colours of autumn leaves, and the unique quiet of a winter landscape. This makes us feel more connected with our environment.

More than just pictures… 

So, in a nutshell, photography is more than just taking pictures. It trains us to really see, not just look. It makes us curious and encourages us to examine our surroundings more closely. Whether you’re a pro photographer, a hobbyist, or someone who enjoys taking casual smartphone snaps, photography can supercharge your observation skills, making your interactions with the world around you so much richer.

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