Make Your “Online First Impression” Count – BiY Talk, June 2013

You don’t HAVE to have a boring profile shot these days….

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Had a great time talking to fellow business people at BiY today – part of a creative “trio” with Rob and Andy of Plump Digital and Video Advert.

Just thought I’d note down my main points from the talk…

  1. The world has changed – people want to see “you” and your “everything” now, great photos “sell”, bad ones repel. 
  2. Get known as the “local go-to” person is helped with local images, images of you “in the locale” – be that a flyer with Leeds town hall on, or a bill board with your face on.
  3. Place your self or your products in the community, and get photos to blog/promote this – gets you a degree of “local fame”
  4. A great profile shot is often your first point of contact – make it count.
  5. Linked in searches – Friendly and approachable encourages people to pick the phone up – stern and grumpy makes them unsure and choose the next “supplier” on the list.
  6. Getting you portrait done is incredibly easy and should be fun

And a few tips…

  1. If you are going on a shoot, take a couple of outfits – smart/casual, just in case one doesn’t work well
  2. Take different coloured accessories (e.g. scarf, tie) to add variety to your shots
  3. Be yourself – vital 
  4. Get/Give feedback throughout the shoot – 2 way process gets the results, don’t let the photographer make ALL the choices, tell him/her which shots you like – and do more of those
  5. If you’re worried about weight – leaning forward a little helps hide an extra chin, and if the cameras higher than you, it helps too – so maybe use stairs or a balcony
  6. Black or white V colour – McFade supply you both, we love both and can never decide so we’ll do both for you.



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