Sleeklens Lightroom Workflow – First Impressions

A New way of working with LIGHTROOM?

Here’s a video of how I found using these LIGHTROOM Presets and Brush settings to edit a few photos

The company who created them are called Sleeklens – and can be found on the following links:-

Main Website



I think the video says it all – but in a nutshell, the presets are split into 6 types – from some all in one presets which give you a final result, to some specific ones which change clarity, colour and brightness.

These pre-defined settings have nice, easy to understand names, which definitely makes editing workflows easier for new people to follow. If you want it to look warmer, click on the “warm it up” preset – and hey presto, it’s warmer.


Did you know you can save presets for brushes, grads and radial filters?

That little box of sliders can be set and saved, just like a preset – and that’s the second part of the set you get from SLEEKLENS. These are shown in the video too, and are all about localised editing – so you can change the colour of a sky or the darkness of some water. It’s again very handy as you don’t have to think too much about sliders – just pick one which sounds right (e.g. Add Golden Sun) and draw.

Here’s the video



There’s a lot work gone into these and it shows. They are not the silver bullet which makes perfect photos with one click – but they’re not that far off! Use them as a start point for your editing workflow and you’ll save lots of time.

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